About GCO Technology

Based in Mumbai, India, our technology centre has immediate access to a large, knowledgeable and competent workforce. Our dedicated team created a leading IT platform EMS (Event Management System) that allows us to provide our clients with high-end bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with their own technology platforms.

2009 was an important milestone for us in our expansion with the opening of our technology centre in Mumbai, India. This start-up daughter company is comprised of fourteen programmers and software developers working exclusively for GCO.

We offer, through EMS, an extensive array of meeting management tools ranging from delegate, abstract, speaker, exhibition and accommodation management through to compliance reporting (e.g. Sunshine, EFPIA etc.) and budgeting.

What is greatly appreciated by our clients is that EMS allows authorised client staff to access a dedicated reporting suite on a 24/7 basis. It is a fully automated process that is able to import and export in a range of formats and accepts a broad selection of special characters. Mailing lists are easily incorporated into our EMS.

Our head office has a team of three expert professionals bridging the distance between centre and head office that coordinate daily. The GCO Technology Center is on-hand to develop project specific solutions for clients.



A dedicated technology center providing our clients with meeting management tools that work