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Technology: Your Enabler, Not Just a Tool

At the heart of Strategic Meeting Management (SMM), our robust tools enable seamless management of delegates, speakers, exhibitions, abstracts, and accommodation while bolstering compliance reporting and budgeting.

Harnessing the Power of Event Management Suite (EMS).

GCO’s Event Management Suite (EMS) offers 24/7 access to a dedicated reporting tool designed for Life Sciences professionals. EMS equips you to navigate every stage of the event process with ease.

Key Features:

Attendee Management

Efficiently handle all registered attendees' information.

Role-based Access

Provision custom access for administrators, event managers, travel agents, and compliance officials.

Travel Management

Maintain an overview of flight schedules and timings for attendees.

Hotel Management

Track and manage hotel reservation requests by attendees.

Digital Registration Forms

Facilitate user-friendly online registration sans the need for advanced web development skills.

Custom Reporting

Benefit from a wide range of reporting templates.

Claims Reimbursement

Seamlessly manage attendee reimbursement requests.

Mail Management

Send invitations and acknowledgements using our pre-designed templates.

Rules Management

Set up rules for travel and accommodation, including check-in/check-out times.
Man's hand pointing at a next generation GCR platform
Businessman using a tablet to access data on global and affiliate level in the life sciences industry.

Revolutionize your End-to-End customer engagement processes with GCR

A cutting-edge all-in-one platform specifically designed for life science organizations to streamline and fully automate all their business processes and touchpoints in one place.

GCR can communicate and integrate seamlessly with your organization’s existing software solutions, providing you with an end-to-end user-experience. It gives you real-time data access on global and affiliate level, for all organization’s activity types, planned engagements, budget spend, activity volumes, risk levels and cross-border engagements – all in one centralized hub.

Automate your risk intelligence assessment and approval workflows, work with embedded compliance to minimize risks, generate transparency reports and conduct 24/7 monitoring on all your engagements, allowing you to conduct an end-to-end analysis and identify patterns and trends within your data.

Supporting Compliance: GCO Checkpoint.

A user-friendly and paperless tool, GCO Checkpoint serves as your digital attendance sheet, facilitating swift sign-in, badge printing, and maintaining a precise record of attendance for compliance reporting. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your event management and compliance process. Witness how GCO’s technology is more than a tool—it’s an enabler.