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Maximize Your VAT Reclaim: Hidden Opportunities in Medical Meetings and Events

Uncovering Cost Recovery With GCO Global and VAT IT.

In the evolving landscape of upcoming medical congresses and meetings, an overlooked area of opportunity lies in reclaiming Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Discover the potential of VAT recovery and how GCO Global and VAT IT can guide you.

Experts Uniting: GCO Global & VAT IT.

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GCO Global and VAT IT have together pioneered an effectively systematized VAT recovery process.

Our strategic partnership has generated a comprehensive collaboration, leveraging the best practices and maximizing VAT recovery for life science organizations on a global scale.

The VAT Connection with GCO Global.

Built on a foundation of extensive project management for Life science organizations, GCO Global has carved a niche in Strategic Meetings Management. In the process, we’ve discovered:
With this cumulative knowledge, GCO Global stands as an industry leader, ready to empower your organization through VAT reclaim optimization.

How We Maximize VAT Reclaim.

GCO Global and VAT IT employ a systematic approach:

  1. Assessment: We evaluate current processes, cost allocations, and visibility of VAT within your organization.
  2. Analysis: We identify critical points and steps crucial for VAT reclaim.
  3. Addressing Issues: We use our findings to develop targeted solutions.

Align the right agents, reveal hidden VAT, and adhere to all directives for a successful VAT reclaim strategy.

Driving Factors in VAT Reclaim.

We stress on:

  1. Choosing the Right Agents and Suppliers: Disclosing agents provide better visibility, enabling VAT reclaim.
  2. Spend Visibility & Uncovering VAT: We offer approaches to enhance expenditure visibility at leadership levels.
  3. Invoicing Instructions: Compliance with local regulations and proper filing ensure successful VAT reclaim.

Our shared vision with VAT IT and our experience in navigating VAT hurdles make us your premier partners in VAT reclaim.

Is your organization ready to seize the VAT opportunity?

Vat Reclaim and recovery process

Succes Story

Over the last 10 years, we’ve claimed over $10 million in total VAT recovery for one of the top 10 largest pharma companies.

“…GCO Global has been the only event company that addressed the need for VAT reclaim and VAT IT and GCO Global together came up with solutions while looking for opportunities to become better over time…”

Former Sr. Director of Global Conventions at a Global Pharmaceutical Company


We commit to create more successful stories through our collaboration with VAT IT.

Uncover Your Hidden VAT Opportunities Today!

Maximize Your VAT Reclaim with us. It starts here.

Let GCO Global and VAT IT guide you in maximizing your VAT recovery and optimizing financial processes. Reach out to us and start your journey to financial optimization.