Embracing Sustainable Development Challenges & Participating in Global Solutions.

The life science industry, like others, faces increasing pressure to reduce global emissions. The necessary shift towards sustainable operations impacts not only production processes but also the meetings and events landscape. With the axiom of sustainability deeply ingrained in our framework, GCO Global identifies substantial opportunities in injecting sustainable practices into SMM.

Understanding key global sustainability efforts is crucial in charting our path forward, with pivotal endeavors such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the ESG rating system, the Paris Agreement, the Net Zero Coalition, and the Race to Zero campaign setting the stage for immediate changes and long-term objectives.

Celebrating the contribution on saving Earth with implementing Sustainable solutions
Assessing Sustainability measures and their effect in a Business meeting

Upcoming Regulatory Directives: Act Now or Pay Later.

With upcoming regulatory directives like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) within the EU and the SEC proposed rule changes in the U.S., organizations can mitigate future compliance risk by adopting a proactive approach. The imminent CSRD in particular introduces more detailed mandatory reporting requirements (including scope 3 emissions) and requires assurance (audit) of reported information.

The Impact of Sustainable SMM.

The immense contribution of scope 3 emissions to the carbon footprint of the Life Sciences industry cannot be underestimated. Constituting 74% of all emissions, the primary contributors to scope 3 emissions are travel and transport, followed by accommodation and space related to meetings and events.

Integrating a robust SMM sustainability framework can help organizations align ESG objectives with corporate goals, ensure data transparency, and meet the social obligations of prime stakeholders – healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public.

Let’s reimagine the landscape of your Strategic Meetings Management with sustainability at its core. Shape your organization’s future with GCO Global’s comprehensive suite of sustainable SMM solutions.

Embrace sustainable solutions - put your hand today and contribute on saving the planet