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Top 3 Challenges in Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

Life sciences companies face three key challenges when transforming their SMM function:

1. Balancing uniform processes with organizational complexity:

Global pharmaceutical and MedTech firms must adhere to a variety of regulations while interacting with healthcare professionals. This leads to complex and inefficient approval processes, creating tensions with the broader need for simplicity and uniformity.

2. Lack of clear deliverables and insights:

Companies often struggle to articulate the expectations of their events, making success difficult to measure. Without a KPI framework, meetings lack clear objectives and measurable outcomes, causing valuable insights to be lost.

3. Improved monitoring and evaluation:

Senior leadership demands closer monitoring and rigorous evaluation of events. However, this can be time-consuming and complex, especially when gathering input from numerous sources across multiple countries. Inadequate monitoring structures increase regulatory compliance complexity and can lead to missed financial gains, such as VAT reimbursement on events.
identifying how Life Sciences organizations can overcome the challenges

Tackling SMM Challenges: Process, Assessment, and Technology

Implement uniform SMM processes across the organization:

GCO’s System Assisted Meeting (SAM) framework scans for process-related redundancies and actively identifies areas for automation. This enables the implementation of a continuous learning loop to foster operational excellence.

Use assessment frameworks and activity benchmarks:

Develop frameworks that help benchmark SMM capabilities. An Event KPI framework defines and measures event success, creates an internal baseline, and provides credible inputs for strategy and planning.

Adopt technology and tools that complement existing systems and automate operational processes:

Continuously evaluate emerging technologies to enable early adoption. Develop customized technology solutions for specific needs not met by existing options.

How GCO Can Help.

The world of meetings and events in the life sciences sector is rapidly evolving. Building on 30+ years of experience, GCO Global responds to trends in technology, compliance, and human behavior. We are your full circle advisors on Strategic Meetings Management, providing tailored solutions to help you:

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