Revolutionize your Strategic Meetings Management

Your Solution for
Governance, Compliance and Risk Mitigation.

Connectivity Driven Success in HCP/O Engagements.

A full 360-degree view of your organization’s engagement strategies and activities, to increase revenue efficiency, eliminate risk, reduce overspending and make strategic decisions based on real-time data.

Streamlined Planning

GCR streamlines and simplifies the planning process, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Gain enhanced visibility and control over everything.  GCR automates processes such as budgeting, sourcing, and contracting.

Data Capture and Insights

GCR captures data to measure the effectiveness of meetings, generating insights for informed decisions and providing valuable data for future planning.

Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

GCR increases efficiency and accuracy in all your strategic meetings, constantly adding new features to increase value.

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GCR Lite

Compliance E2E

Transfer of Value reporting

Third party due diligence

Cross-Border approval

Document all decisions

Traceability / Audit trail





Project management



Governance in all aspects of the Business, Compliance, Finance and Operations



KPI’s Framework / Benchmark

Business rationale


Attendee survey


Budget management


Invoice & Collect


Claims portal

What We Offer.

GCR is more than just a tool – it’s a comprehensive solution designed to empower Life Science businesses in Strategic Meetings Management

Single Source of Truth

One source of truth leads to minimized risk exposure, improved efficiency, and protected reputation

Document The Audit Trail

Peace of mind through automated audit trail documentation, with easy retrieval of evidence to answer auditor questions

Efficiency Through Standards

One standard across the organization saves compliance teams time, resources and energy

Data-Driven Commerce

Data-driven insights and market intelligence to inform fast and effective strategic decision-making.

Mitigated Risk

Meet the compliance standards by design through an optimized process. Visibility into compliance data, such as customer engagement spend

Integrated Workflows

Integrate with your existing platforms to streamline workflows and processes for collaboration and communication across teams

Everything Connected

All-in-one system (cross-border approval) that connects every necessary stakeholder and centralizes meeting requests.

Clear ROI Reporting

Enable executives to assess outcome vs. intended objectives through full insight on ROI of marketing campaigns for events

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