Why do we need GDPR

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a new approach to regulate data privacy, is induced by the European parliament to harmonize data privacy laws of all European citizens. One of the biggest changes in privacy laws we have seen in decades. A change of this proportion reshapes the way how organizations must comply with the way they handle private data.

One of the biggest changes for companies processing the data of an European inhabitant, is that it is not region bound anymore. This induces a lot of changes for companies that use and process data from all over the world. To comply with these changes, businesses must rethink their data management and need to keep in mind that if not handled correctly, there are heavy fines to be risked.

There are several more subjects on GDPR that global organizations should be absolutely compliant with. One of these are the data subject rights, a new set of rights introduced with GDPR. One of the key rights is the right to be forgotten, a way to have absolute control over your own personal data, when processed by a company.

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