Procurecon PHARMA 2019 - Where the Top Minds in the Pharma Procurement meet


Ramon Grasmeijer, Consultant at GCO consultancy shall be speaking at the plenary session on day 1, about the following topics:

The future of strategic meeting management: How are suppliers innovating and leveraging new technology to keep up with your complex and changing environment?

  • Defining critical success factors for partnering with pharma meeting planners
  • How to pair traditional and digital approaches to reap the optimal commercial awards this integrated approach can bring
  • Confidence is key: How can you be confident that meetings are in line with complex regulations and data issues?
  • Hybrid meetings: How is technology being leveraged by pharma meeting planners to increase the performance of your meeting and keep costs down?


We are also proud sponsor at ProcureCon 2019 and shall be conducting an exclusive Masterclass on lead by Munish Duvedi & Leo Sloesen. Attendees can expect valuable insights into:  “Unlocking the value of tail spends on strategic communications: A product life cycle approach”.


At GCO we observed that procurement of strategic communication suppliers and spends is often a less discussed domain. Powered by our 30 years of strong experience in exclusively serving the  pharmaceutical industry, we have brought some refreshing insights for procurement professionals.


Highlights of Masterclass :


  • Understanding strategic communication and its complexities in pharma business
  • Identifying the value and risks of tail spends in strategic communications
  • Uncertainties impacting procurement of suppliers
  • Insights on use of product lifecycle approach in procurement

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein