15th Annual Pharma Forum - 24-27 March 2019


Global Compliance Solutions Summit — Bring Your Own Challenge Workshop (BYOC)

Conducted by Marlize Eckert, HMCC, HCCP, Head of Compliance Solutions at GCO Global and Alain Barathe, Account Director at GCO Global


Participation is limited to the first 30 participants who pre-register for this session.


Do compliance requirements challenge your business objectives? Do you struggle to navigate through the complex disclosure requirements posed by different countries and states when planning your event? If so, then this BYOC workshop is the perfect place for you. Attendees are surveyed prior to the session and asked to bring at least one specific compliance challenge to brainstorm with the group and discover meaningful solutions. Topics of discussion may include:


  • Past, present and future — Compare stakeholder perspectives on compliance evolution
  • Insights into best practices — Collect HCP information for transparency reporting
  • Develop strategies to manage HCP interactions across multiple country regulations




“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein