Compliance management and reporting

GCO is fully aware and has in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to the pharmaceutical compliance guidelines in place and is able to advise and support its clients how to implement processes and technology to ensure accurate and timely reporting on relevant spend related to interactions with HCP’s.

GCO staff is constantly educated and updated on the pharma guidelines to adapt the requirements of regulatory and compliance in both operational and financial part of our business. We have a formal training program and documented processes on managing HCP spend for:

  • US State & Federal HCP-regulations/Open Payment (Sunshine Act) and Pharma Guidelines
  • International HCP-requirements / European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations (EFPIA)

For more information please contact our Head of Compliance Solutions Marlize Eckert directly to find out more and discuss where GCO can provide the necessary support to your organization.

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