Sean Baulk

Team Lead

Professional education

Foundation Degree in Marketing

Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town South Africa


Professional Experience

Before joining GCO Sean has accumulated over 15 years of knowledge in and around the hospitality and events business. Starting in hotels in the UK working for National and Global branded establishments working in a variety of roles. In later years focusing on the London events market dealing in high volume conferences, meetings and events.


Recently in 2017 Sean moved to the Netherlands where he joined the GCO team as a Project Manager managing a wide range of event in his first year. Most recently he has been appointed as a Team Lead within the organization.


Professional Style

Sean is most definitely an extrovert who enjoys working alongside his team and clients to produce seamless well run events. One of Sean’s favorite quotes sums up his relationship with work. " What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” ― Stephen King. Leading from the front epitomizes Sean’s management style.


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