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High Impact​ Meeting & Events Experts.

Our expertise encompasses designing, creating, and delivering high impact meetings and events that profoundly shape your message, strategy, and engagement. We excel in managing an array of formats, from face-to-face gatherings and virtual events to hybrid solutions. Our commitment to operational excellence and compliance is unwavering, and we proudly adhere to local and client regulations to safeguard each event.

Elevate your message. Engage your audience. Ensure your success.

A skilled member of our Meetings & Events team passionately designing high-impact events, showcasing creativity and strategic planning.
Dedicated professional from our Meetings & Events department ensuring operational excellence and compliance with local and client regulations for a seamless event experience.
Captivating image featuring a team member from our Meetings & Events department actively engaging with participants, emphasizing audience interaction and event success

A Proven Track Record of Success​.

With a consistently growing client base, more organizations trust us to insource their event knowledge or manage their meetings entirely. No matter if it is an advisory board, investigator meeting or product launch; to date, our exceptional team of Project Managers, Project Executives, and Digital Event Strategists has successfully organized over 10,000 events of varying scales, from intimate 10-person meetings to large conferences involving thousands of attendees.

Comprehensive Services: Personal. Effective. Smart.​

Our full-service approach ensures every aspect of your event is meticulously planned and executed:
1. Briefing

1. Briefing

Establishing clear event objectives, employing a SMART methodology for effective and efficient outcomes, and conceptualizing the event theme.
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2. Completion

2. Completion

Integrating the theme into the program, jointly confirming event concepts, and building comprehensive meeting agendas.
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3. Scheduling

3. Scheduling

Transforming event concepts into actionable plans, finalizing programs, and drafting detailed scripts.
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4. Performance

4. Performance

Providing unparalleled support, on-site monitoring, and real-time adjustments to deliver a truly impactful event experience.
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5. Wrapping up

5. Wrapping up

Evaluating the event with all stakeholders, celebrating successes, and identifying areas for improvement, culminating in thorough financial completion.

Training & Development Centre.

Making Impact with your meeting. Always.

Our Training & Development Centre (TDC) offers education, training and coaching solutions for individuals and teams in Medical & Commercial roles within Biotech, Pharma and MedTech industry

Unparalleled excellence, reliability, and efficiency - Central to Your Success

Our Centre of Excellence (CoE) model is more than an operational preference; it is a testament to our commitment to deliver quality, reliability, and efficiency. The design of our CoE is a fail-safe guarantee of consistent delivery and service, no matter where your business operates. Anchored by a robust framework of compliant workstreams, we assure flexibility and exceptional value.

Centrally governed from GCO’s Headquarters in the Netherlands, our CoE model builds upon an internal account-leadership-team (IAL). This well-coordinated team comprises the Client Engagement Lead, the Operational Manager, and the Project Leads. Our centralized structure combined with the IAL offers our clients the comfort of a Single Point of Contact – a proficient and consistent conduit for all your operational requirements.

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