Kim Coers

Corporate Secretary

Professional Education
IBS International Business Stream
NCOI, Management Assistant


Professional Experience
Kim holds the position of Corporate Secretary within GCO.  She brings over 13 years of administrative experience to the table with expertise in planning and organization, scheduling and communication.  Working with the highest level of integrity, trustworthiness and reliability in her support to the CEO and Management Team, Kim exemplifies the style and corporate philosophy of GCO. 


Professional Style          
As guardian of the corporate governance and integrity, Kim ensures that all actions and decisions taken are in line with this governance and align with GCO’s vision, mission and objectives.  She is at her best coordinating strategic and management decisions, timelines and its implementation, working closely with the CEO, Advisory Board, Management Team and HR while remaining neutral and loyal to GCO’s vision.


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“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein