About GCO Consultancy

As a result of our long term and in-depth experience as a professional conference organizer, GCO Consultancy is specialized in Risk Management Solutions for meetings and events in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry. GCO Consultancy offers a wide range of specialized solutions, based on our 25+ years of experience and dedication.
GCO has in-depth domain knowledge and a strong global network. GCO started to serve the Pharma and Life Sciences industry some 28 years ago and has, for the last 25 years, been dedicated to this industry exclusively. With our multilingual and multicultural workforce we have built up our knowledge and expertise and are renowned for advocating full transparency, implementation of channeled and managed spend to create enhanced buying power and better data visibility and quality, scalable operating platform to manage changing demands, in addition to which we are well known for being a leading advisor on compliance, data privacy and security.
GCO Consultancy will offer you unbiased advice and risk management solutions to manage your meetings and events, while safeguarding your brands, your reputation and your ROI, keeping regulatory constraints in mind.
GCO’s solutions will enable you to transfer knowledge, and to build and embed sustainable solutions while you remain in control.

Ethics and integrity

We empower our consultants to remain independent and unbiased, enabling them to give honest and impartial advice. Taking over control is not our mission, managing risks is, and so we will always run our own risk assessment before taking on any assignment, which sets us up to mitigate risk on our clients’ behalf much more effectively at subsequent stages. With an open mind and a proven set of screening questions, GCO strives to not only identify overt risks but especially covert risks, before we propose a comprehensive plan to manage these risks.

At GCO Consultancy we maintain high legal and ethical standards whether we deal with internal or external stakeholders. Our commitment to upholding these standards is at the very core of our corporate identity. We require both staff and contractors to abide by these legal and ethical standards, so we can offer our clients a professional, independent and fair service.

committed to people, passion, independency, integrity

sustainable solutions through knowledge transfer