We believe that, in addition to bringing an element of surprise to the client, consultants should always help clients transform to eventually become self-sufficient. A consultant’s goal should be to inspire and teach, and to help raise corporate standards, to which effective knowledge transferring is key. Through training, GCO will facilitate this transferring of knowledge but also help professionalize your organization by teaching you about new meeting models to boost attendance and increase ROI, like recent developments in virtual and hybrid meetings.

Virtual and hybrid meetings are becoming increasingly important, as they have a higher reach and reduce traveling time, making them faster and cheaper, thus lowering the threshold for participants. GCO will make sure your organization has the right knowledge and tools to set up new meeting models successfully.

Other examples of training topics include:

  • Compliance
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and its impact on organizing congresses and events
  • Budgeting for events and saving on VAT
  • The organization of your congresses and events department

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