Compliance on HCP/O interaction

Interactions with HCP/O’s are not without risks. Are you aware of and managing all associated risks? Having well-trained staff, effective SOP’s and systems is the key to your success.

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GCO Consultancy will professionalize your organization by teaching you about new meeting models to boost attendance and increase ROI, like Hybrid & Virtual meetings.

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Procurement Services

GCO Consultancy will help you select suppliers and partners that add value and also help you recuperate VAT from costs spent on meetings and events.

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Security & Privacy

GCO Consultancy will help you embed security and privacy solutions in your SOP’s and IT infrastructure to raise awareness, safeguard your assets and protect the privacy of all stakeholders. Through thorough risk analysis, GCO Consultancy will help you meet all legal requirements and bring your organization up to regulatory standards.

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Event automation solutions must be aligned with your strategic objectives and embedded within your organization for a project team to be successful. Staff must be trained to avoid errors. GCO Consultancy will guide you through the entire automation process, mitigating any risk.

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

GCO is fully qualified to take over processes as needed, identifying gaps and making sure meetings and events can be organized safely and successfully.

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