Leading teams through change that results in higher performance

GCO Training & Development Centre


A company preparing for a major transition in their sales teams – moving from a traditional customer-facing role to an omnichannel orchestrator role – needed to instigate changes in core skills, mindset and behaviors.


Our team had already provided omnichannel training for sales teams and for local commercial excellence leads. Working with the client, we identified a need to support managers with the knowledge, skills, and practical processes to lead teams through significant changes in their role.


We developed a Change Leadership training module for all managers involved in the transition to the new omnichannel approach. The module included written, audio and video self-study material on change management. We delivered a workshop to help managers identify and address barriers to change. A train-the-trainer workshop was provided as part of the wider omnichannel training program, enabling the module to be delivered in local languages.


The Change Leadership module was extremely well received by local commercial excellence leads. They particularly appreciated the practical nature of the module.