Building high-performing cross-functional teams

GCO Training & Development Centre


Two companies that formed a corporate alliance for co-promoting a new brand needed to improve collaboration and accelerate team development. Traditional ‘team building’ initiatives had fallen short, with minimal follow-up after the event.


We worked with the clients to devise a workshop that would identify and overcome barriers to collaboration. The workshop provided a forum to agree concrete, actionable steps to foster team development after the event.


A workshop was delivered to 30 participants from global cross-functional teams. Our consultants delivered the workshops, focusing on trust building, constructive conflict, and team values. After the workshop, a summary of their outputs were distributed along with interactive reference resources to remind participants of the theories covered
in the workshop.


Participants gained a new understanding of the issues they faced as a team and were equipped with a common vocabulary for discussing everyday teamworking issues.
The client found that the ‘team charter’ devised during the workshop was regularly used to recognize positive behaviors and provide constructive feedback.