About GCO Global

Founded in 1989 by Aart Broer, with headquarters in The Netherlands, GCO Global is a full-service organization delivering strategic meeting management solutions for the pharma and life-sciences industry.

With our multilingual and multicultural workforce reaching over twenty different nationalities, GCO to-date managed meetings on all continents in over one hundred countries, which has allowed us to develop an extensive range of business contacts, insights and appreciation of differing business practices around the world.

We have developed long-term, enjoyable, rewarding and mutually beneficial working relationships with our customers, to whom GCO provides one-to-one care, value and commitment in everything we do.

As a result of our experience within the pharmaceutical meeting management industry, GCO extended its services in recent years through GCO Consultancy and GCO Technology. Please find out more on what our different brands have to offer here.


“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein