About GCO

GCO Team photo - All standing together
Our clients, from blue-chip multinationals to high-growth start-ups, choose GCO for our specialist (industry) knowledge and 360˚ approach. We combine technical and operational excellence with specialist consulting teams that build programs tailored to the needs of our partners. Our approach balances flawless implementation and next-level stakeholder engagement with risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Our Mission.

We believe in maximizing customer engagement in a sustainable way. That’s why we help you become efficient, compliant, and insightful, providing all the necessary governance tools to stay in control.
Passionate GCO's CEO Rogier Raats embodying our mission: Maximizing customer engagement sustainably. Committed to efficiency, compliance, and insightful solutions, providing governance tools for staying in control.
Aspiring to Lead: GCO's Lead Consultant Ramon Grasmeijer, embodying our vision to become the industry's foremost Strategic Meetings Management Advisor for life sciences companies.

Our Vision.

To become the industry’s leading Strategic Meetings Management Advisor for life sciences companies.

What we stand for.



Taking responsibility for our work.


Upholding the highest ethical standards.


Embracing innovation and proactrive problem-solving.


Diversity and Multiculturalism

Celebrating diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Collaboration and Growth

Fostering personal and professional development

Flexibility and Mobility

Supporting work-life balance and adaptability.

Ownership and Idea Sharing

Encouraging individual ownership and knowledge sharing.

Agility and Entrepreneurship

Embracing agility and innovation.

Strategic Excellence

Committed to advising with integrity and excellence.

Our​ Passion.

We are passionate about creating solutions that inform, engage, and connect people. Our solutions go beyond the boardroom and are tailored to specific needs, pushing beyond standard practice.

Sustainability Report 2023.

Through this report, we aim to provide insights into the key performance indicators set by Ecovadis to drive our future progress. The indices cover four main areas: Employees Health & Welfare, Social Dialogue & Career development, Ethical Business conduct, and Environment.

Our​ Certifications.